Artist Statement

Peterhintz makes painting,
drawings and videos.

Born and raised in Freudenstadt, Peterhintz attended the Merz Academy in Stuttgart beginning in 1979 and then the Stuttgart Film School in 1983. Peterhintz creates his works in a variety of media, including drawing and painting, sculpture and video. His works take fantasies and fears as a starting point and illuminate what might be called „German Angst.“ The artist explores themes of memory and confronts viewers with depictions of loss, instability, and loneliness. Throughout Peterhintz’s work there are cracks and fissures between inner worlds and external reality. The artist creates multi-layered scenarios that have the power to bring repressed desires and memories – both personal and collective – to the surface. His work offers a critical portrait of contemporary culture with its many fetishes, obsessions, neuroses and repressed fantasies.
Peterhintz lives and works in Berlin.

(c) Peterhintz 2022